What We Provide

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Local Farms

All of our coffee farms are hand picked and locally grown.



All our coffee farms are organic and eco-friendly.


Fairtrade Pricing

We work directly with our farmers and we provide premium fairtrade prices.


Highest Quality

Organically grown farming and perfect roasting procedures guarantee that our coffee has some of the best flavours available.


How We Choose Our Coffee Farms

Coffee is known worldwide, but not all coffee farms are. Our purpose is to bring those smaller local coffee farms to a wider audience. We want everyone to experience the immense aromas and flavours that smaller, organically grown coffee farms have to offer, supporting these farms with fair trade prices and an opportunity to go beyond their local market.

Not only do we want to provide new and exciting coffee to the world, but we also want to facilitate a way for everyone to experience just how high quality the coffee really is. Coffee is such a complex drink, with so many different flavours and a long, labour-intensive life cycle. That’s why we make sure to only use the best organic coffee farms, where each small step of the coffee-making process is carried out with love and care.


Rancho León

Located in Huatusco, Mexico at a staggering 1250m above sea level, Rancho León was founded in 1954 by Italian immigrants. It is our main coffee farm, producing our famous 100% arabica coffee beans. Such a high altitude means that the coffee beans go through a longer maturation process, providing the bean with a fuller, richer and more pronounced flavour.

The Huatusco area is characterised by having a Mesophile Mountain Forest – a type of forest that is unique for its mega diversity. Organically grown and hand picked coffee beans helps to create our extraordinary flavours and aromas, which can be found in the coffee tales signature espresso coffee.