our mission

We founded Coffee Tales with a vision: to source and provide the best premium coffee from around the world to your door. We believe all coffee should be organic and sustainable: the best of what nature has to offer.

Our coffee is sourced from a farm in the richest mountain region of Mexico: Huatusco.

We have a personal relationship with the farmer Reynaldo and his team at Rancho Lèon. The way the beans are grown is important to us: we chose this partnership for our coffee because we share the same ethos – to work sustainably with the land and employ fairtrade practices. Making coffee is a labour of love, from the harvest to the roasting process. It’s important that the plant and the people involved are treated with care. Quality coffee can only be produced with time, care and dedication – it’s important that process is honoured and valued.

Our mission is to find other hidden gems around the world – sustainable, organic farms with the best tasting coffee – and expand our partnerships, supplying them with income and you with the best possible coffee, giving it a world platform. We want to share their coffee tales with you: the patience and care it takes to create the perfect cup of gourmet coffee; its eventual journey to your cup.

building a community for coffee farmers and coffee lovers alike.

What We Stand For

At Coffee Tales, we believe sustainability goes beyond agricultural practice. A percentage of all our profits goes to the International Tree Foundation, an international, non-profit, non-political conservation organisation operating worldwide to restore forests and plant trees. Their projects in Kenya and beyond have already successfully helped 2,137 small holder farmers to increase their yield, 3,055 people to increase their income,  6,318 members ro become active in landscape restoration and to grow over 500,000 trees and conserve and restore 37,354 ha.

For more information on their work, visit internationaltreefoundation.org