At Coffee Tales, we believe in eco-friendly practices, from our sustainably and locally grown coffee beans, all the way to our eco-friendly packaging and low-emission transport.

Organically Grown Beans

All of our suppliers are organic farms: 100% free of chemicals and pesticides.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

We strive to provide the best eco-friendly packaging: every box you receive from us is recyclable.

eco friendly airplane

Eco-Friendly Transport

We use the most carbon-efficient transport to make sure we are lowering emissions all over the world!

Organically Produced

With over 1 billion people drinking coffee every day, we have made it our mission to provide 100% eco-friendly beans. One of the main ways that we are helping to achieve this is by making sure that all of our coffee beans are organically grown.

What this means for the consumer is that there are no synthetic pesticides or any harmful chemicals contained in our coffee. This supports both the workers from breathing in those awful chemicals, and prevents them from entering local rivers or lakes and contaminating the water and harming local wildlife. It also means you can drink our coffee and reap the full health benefits, without being exposed to any of the toxins we find in regular coffee.

Our coffee is also cultivated in shade-grown conditions. Shade-grown coffee creates a canopy of shade trees, providing a habitat to a number of animals. This helps lower the amount of deforestation produced by the coffee industry. We will continue to support the local coffee farmers and do our part to provide for this amazing planet!

PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION International-Tree-Foundation

With millions of tons of waste each year and coffee bags playing a role in that, we make sure that our packaging is fully recyclable and eco-friendly. We constantly look at ways to expand on making our coffee bags and any other packaging more eco-friendly, as well as our distribution. Using the most effective and carbon efficient options to deliver the huge amount of coffee is our way of supporting the push to lower those numbers. Making sure that more and more of our profits go to sustainable causes is also a huge goal of ours. We give to the International Tree Foundation, and will soon be expanding to more local charities that give back to the environment.